What Care Should You Take Before and After Knee Replacement Surgery?

Medpho Team July 29, 2023

Knee joint replacement surgery is a surgical technique wherein an impaired, painful, and poorly functioning knee needs a replacement. It is common to have knee problems with age, and this problem turns into trouble when the disease in the knees, such as arthritis and joint pain needs a knee replacement and surgery has to be done. These days, the problem of knee pain is increasing very fast, along with ageing. Both men and women are troubled by the issues in the knee.

Advantages Of Knee Replacement 

  • After having a knee replacement, you will be able to move your feet better than before, and the pain will also be less. 
  • If a small incision is made in knee replacement, not much blood comes out from it. 
  • With this surgery, the movement of the joints remains normal, and there is very little damage to the tissues. 
  • After two weeks of surgery, the patient can do all the activities again, and he will not have any problems getting up, sitting, and bending the knees. 
  • After joint replacement surgery, the victim can sit on the ground after a few days.

Advantages of knee replacement

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Disadvantages of Knee Replacement

If you start looking at the impairments post knee replacement, it is infrequent, but occasionally some intricacies are observed in the knee area.

  • In some instances, there are cracks in the bones, and there are also chances of nerve damage.
  • Blood clots may form, or blood vessels may be damaged.
  • Knee infection is a common complaint, and on occasions, ligaments might get damaged.
  • Feeling uncomfortable.
  • There is always a feeling of pain and stiffness in the knees.

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What should you do before a knee replacement?

The Doctor will also advise you about the medication you need to take before surgery. On being relieved from medicine, the Doctor could even delay your surgery. The drug does not work out on many occasions, and the Doctor needs to go for knee replacement surgery. Before that, you need to visit the Doctor to help you understand every tiny detail about surgery. The Doctor may suggest what to eat and what not to eat and other valuable suggestions you need to keep in mind.

Before knee replacement

The First 24 Hours Post Surgery 

Post-surgery, the patient wakes up from the anaesthesia effect and begin to recover. He initially starts feeling in his legs, and doctors will treat pain using pain-relief techniques. 

If the pain is in control within 24 hours, the patient may be asked to stand up and walk a few steps with the help of a physical therapist. Patients who can get up with some weight on their new knees shortly after surgery can ensure a faster recovery. 

Post Knee Replacement Surgery Precautions

Post knee replacement, you still have to be cautious. You should know what to eat, what kind of exercises should be carried out and how to heal the knees. 

  • Post-surgery, you should go back to your home within three to seven days and try to walk with the help of crutches, a walker or a stick.
  • You should do light exercises every day and this you will be able to move your knee as soon as possible. Keep in mind that before doing any kind of exercise, be sure to consult a doctor.