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About Chronic Kidney disease

Chronic Kidney disease is a state in which kidneys are damaged and not able to function properly. The kidneys fail to filter out the blood as well as they should be doing, due to which the waste in the body keeps storing in the body itself and can further cause heart stroke or other multi organ issues in the body. This disease is mainly caused due to diabetes or high blood pressure or because of any other past illness. A timely diagnosis can help you figure out the problem and also get the required treatment done in time. Most people would not get any evident symptoms till the disease reaches its advanced stage. Tiredness, itchy skin, swollen hands and feet and an increased need to pass urine are some of the symptoms that the disease shows up in the advanced stage. To know more about the chronic kidney Disease, its causes, symptoms and treatment, keep reading further.

Who Gets Chronic Kidney disease ?

Anyone can get Chronic kidney Disease but some people are more prone to get the disease which are:

  • Have Diabetes
  • High BP
  • Have Heart related issues/ disease 
  • Smoking
  • Over the age of 60
  • Obesity
  • Other underlying medical condition

What Causes Chronic Kidney disease ?

There are small filters present in the kidney that clean the waste of the body which are called nephrons. When some damage occurs to these small filters is when one gets Chronic Kidney Disease. The cause of this can be any of the following:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Related Disease

What Are The Symptoms Of Chronic Kidney disease ?

The Disease does not show any major symptoms at its basic stage as the body tries to filter out the waste on its own. When the damage gets more severe on its advanced stage, is when the body starts to show some minor symptoms:

  • Swelling of feets and hands
  • Dry, itchy Skin
  • Urinating more or less
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Fatigue and sleeping issues 
  • Loss of Appetite

You should consult a doctor when you feel these symptoms who will be able to diagnose the problem and suggest the suitable treatment for you.

Diagnosis Of Chronic Kidney disease

The doctor will be enquiring about your family history of diseases and also about your history with high blood pressure and diabetes. To diagnose the exact issue, the doctor will suggest some tests like blood tests and urine tests. This will help in diagnosing the abnormalities in the blood and identify the chronic Kidney Disease.

Treatment For Chronic Kidney disease

On the basic stage, the disease could be cured through some medications and lifestyle changes. The doctor can put you medications to lower your cholesterol levels, to treat anemia. And could also suggest you to take a low-protein diet in order to minimize the waste in your blood.

At the end stage, the doctors treat the disease through a kidney transplant or dialysis

Kidney Transplant:- it involves replacing the diseased kidney with a healthy kidney from a donor. After the transplant you will have to take medications so that your body does not reject the entry of a new organ in your system and it functions as it should.

Dialysis:- It is an artificial procedure through which all the waste fluids and other material could be removed out of the body since the kidney is not able function properly.

Average Treatment Cost For Chronic Kidney disease

The cost of treatment could depend on various factors, based on the requirement and the severity of the disease. The Average cost ranges from about 10000- 1000000. And further the monthly medication expenses too are also required which can cost up to 2000-5000 per month

Is Treatment Covered Under Ayushman Bharat?

Yes, Chronic Kidney disease treatment is covered under PMJAY. This means that an Ayushman card beneficiary affected with this disease can get this treatment at zero cost. However, if you are in Moradabad or Bareilly, you can get free treatment with an Ayushman card by just calling Medpho helpline number 88569-88569.

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