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With the third wave of coronavirus in India nearing, it is essential to take precautionary and preventive measures to boost immunity and safeguard yourself against the virus. Equally necessary is the need to get immediate medical care and guidance if symptoms occur.

At Medpho, we recognize the exigency for both accurate information and quality care. Zeroing in on this desideratum, Medpho’s Covid Health Care Assistant focuses on two major aspects:

Step 1: Get the latest information

Diligently examined and approved by our medical experts, you can find continually updated information on coronavirus in India.
Together, let's take our health seriously and defeat the pandemic with unity!

Step 2: Talk to our healthcare experts

Our Covid Healthcare Assistant provides you the ease to get expert medical consultations via your cellphone or the web. This saves you from a frenetic hospital visit, especially with the rising cases of coronavirus in India.

To speak with our doctors, call us on 88569-88569.

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