Are You aware of Pregnancy Kit Test Use

Medpho Team August 1, 2023

Post conception, most tests carried out by a pregnancy test kit can reveal the pregnancy test as positive and even depict negative results. On certain occasions, even when the pregnancy is positive, the kit is not able to display positive results in pregnancy, say 10 to 15 days post-conception. In some cases, when the same kit test is conducted after a month, the pregnancy kit shows positive results. It may be due to hormone levels.

What Is A Pregnancy Test? 

Pregnancy examinations review your urine or blood for a hormone named human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Your body produces this hormone once a fertilized egg adheres to the uterus wall, and this generally occurs about 6 days after fertilization. The levels of hCG ascend fast, folding every 2 to 3 days.

Pregnancy test kit

Understanding About Pregnancy Test Results

Test results in pregnancy tests show either a positive or negative outcome in nature. In digital testing, it is described as a pregnant or depicted as a not pregnant case. In normal pregnancy kits, it is revealed as a line, color, or symbol which says whether the test is positive "+" or negative "-". The plus sign depicts pregnancy as positive though the lines look faded. When tested positive you can talk to a doctor about the future steps you need to take. 

On occasions when reported false positive, it means you are not pregnant. If you are on medication that includes fertility drugs or anticonvulsants you could have false-positive results.

A Few Facts About the Pregnancy Test Kit 

Early pregnancy signs are often confusing and are marked by several facts, like nausea, mood swings, cramps, and back pain. These signs are indeed quite similar and are even felt during the onset of the periods. Here arises the dilemma which endows women with one and the only solution, i.e. taking a pregnancy test. Before starting the early pregnancy test, you should know a few things. 

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Beware Of Bogus Tests

Beware when you are about to start the test. Have you undergone the test after a missed period, or are there some other reasons you have opted for it. Check the expiry dates before you go for any kit test. These pregnancy kits have test strips that give the positive test with line results and are cheaper.

Costly Doesn't Mean Adequate 

Many women often purchase highly valued digital pregnancy tests, but they do not ensure 100% effectiveness. The highly valued digital detection kits are not more effective when compared to normal test kits. The digital pregnancy kit detects the hCG hormone in your urine like any other normal kit, and your preferences will not impact the results.

When Have You Conducted The Pregnancy Test 

Timing plays a crucial role in pregnancy kit testing. To get a correct result in pregnancy, you need to take a test a day or two after you miss your periods. It is the right time because, at this juncture, the level of hCG in the body is at a noticeable level. Moreover, the hCG level is at its zenith in the morning, making it the best moment to take the test.

Negative Conditions In Pregnancy Tests 

Conducting the pregnancy test too early during the cycle can result in a false negative condition. Again, timing counts a lot. So keep an apparent view when you are undergoing the home pregnancy test. Ladies who are unsure about the first test can take the second one. Just take a test after a couple of days to confirm the result. Undergoing a pregnancy test early in routine guarantees that you have plenty of time to think about a further course of action. After all, gestation is not a child's joke. It would help if you sorted out lots of things once you have a positive result in front of you.

Blood Pregnancy Tests 

Blood tests could be done at your doctor's clinic but are not as common as urine tests. These tests can catch pregnancy earlier than a home pregnancy test, about 6 to 8 days post ovulation. However, these tests take longer to get the results than those conducted as home pregnancy tests. There are two kinds of blood tests for pregnancy:

About the Qualitative hCG Test 

This test thoroughly checks for hCG. The result is either a "yes" or "no" answer. Doctors suggest going for these tests to guarantee pregnancy as early as 10 days after commencement, and some can notice hCG much earlier.

Blood pregnancy test

About Quantitative hCG Test 

The beta hCG test estimates the exact amount of hCG in your blood, and it can detect even very low tiers of hCG. These examinations may assist in tracking issues during gestation. The doctor may suggest this test with other tests to rule out an ectopic pregnancy, particularly when the fertilized egg implants beyond your uterus, or after a miscarriage when hCG levels fall fast.

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