What Are Different Symptoms Of Piles In Men And Women

Medpho Team August 1, 2023

Piles are common among men and can occur as multiple symptoms, including bright red blood when you go to the restroom, lumps around the anus, as well as aches and itching. Overexerting while passing tools or straining while going to the gym could add to the development of piles.

What Are The Signs Of Piles In Men?

Experiencing pain or itching in and near the anus, bright red blood on the tissue after you pass a stool, mucus on your underwear, or sensitive lumps around your anus, you may be suffering from piles.

  • A lump around or in the anus
  • Bleeding during the bowel activity
  • Leaking feces or slimy mucus released from the anus
  • Sense of constipation
  • The skin near the anus feels sore or itchy
  • In case of external piles, feeling of discomfort and pain after a bowel movement

piles in men

How Do Men Get Piles Symptoms? 

There are various reasons why men can get piles. Some of them are discussed below.

1.Straining and Constipation 

Piles in men are observed when they are sitting in toilets for a longer duration. Sitting on the toilet for extended periods drives the anus to relax, and blood flows into the piles. 

Secondly, extreme straining due to constipation can place too much pressure on the veins and blood vessels around the anus, compelling them to swell up and occasionally bleed. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet which can help if you suffer from constipation.

2.Low Fiber In Diet 

A diet lacking in fiber can also lead to piles. Fiber enables us to maintain a softer consistency of our stools, so we can feel much more constipated and spend too long in the toilet when low in fiber. 


Carrying excess weight can significantly contribute to developing piles more likely. Regular exercising starting from a brisk walk at lunchtime or a session at the gym can help in more ways than one. Along with burning off the calories, it plays a significant role in healthy digestion, keeping things moving, and lowering the likelihood of constipation.

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When Do Women Experience Piles Episodes? 

There have been many evident cases of women getting piles during pregnancy and after childbirth. During pregnancy, when a mother has a belly carrying a child of a few weeks, it puts a lot of extra stress on the blood vessels near the lower back and pelvic area. Moreover, there is again a lot of strain at the time of childbirth to push the infant out, and this builds extra pressure on the blood vessels near the pelvic and anal region, directing to anal diseases, most commonly piles.

The boost in the hormone progesterone during pregnancy also contributes to the development of piles, as it relaxes the walls of your veins, making them more prone to swelling. Increased blood volume, which enlarges veins, can also contribute to hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

How to Prevent Piles Symptoms in Women

The best way to prevent piles symptoms include-

Piles in women

1.Consume Surplus Of Fluids.

You can increase your intake from 8-10 ounce glasses of water each day.

2.Using The Toilet As Soon As You Sense The Urge

Holding your toilet can contribute to constipation.

3.Sitting Or Standing For Long Periods

Individuals sitting down at work for a more extended period should make sure to get up and walk around for a few minutes every hour. Resting on one side when reading or watching TV can relieve downward pressure on the rectal veins.

4.Doctors Advise For A Stool Softener

If other strategies fail to ease your constipation laxative pills for constipation might stimulate uterine contractions.

5.Do Kegel Exercises Daily

Kegel exercises bolster the pelvic floor muscles that help back your rectum and enhance circulation in the rectal area. Kegel activities at home, in your car, and at the office can be done, but first, you need to make sure you’re isolating and contracting. 

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