Understanding About Abortion and Its Types

Medpho Team August 1, 2023

Abortion is performed by surgery or taking medicines to end a pregnancy, and it's also occasionally summed up as cessation of pregnancy. Many women in India have to undergo an abortion. It could be due to a lack of knowledge, not using proper safety measures, or not being sure about pregnancy plans. All these cases mostly end up as abortion cases. 

To undergo an abortion process is often painful and quite an emotional event in many cases. Abortion conducted with surgery needs a doctor's intervention as there are many risks involved, and an expert's guidance could ease the whole procedure.

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The Need For An Abortion 

A human being is a social animal and has to meet various mental challenges during his lifetime. Many such challenges often end up in an abortion, but women generally prefer this choice if:

  • When she is not willing to get pregnant anymore
  • Comorbidity that could be life-threatening
  • When the fetus has a severe medical ailment

There are many other reasons which could be responsible for women who may undergo an abortion, including the following:

  • Lack of financial support 
  • husband related problems
  • Want to focus on children she has 
  • When pregnancy could intervene, future opportunities
  • Lack of emotional preparation
  • Other health causes
  • Considering the baby could have a much better life
  • Not able to make a mature decision
  • Family or friends influences

The above-enlisted reasons show there could be several causes for women choosing to terminate their pregnancy. Therefore, we can conclude that various factors impact abortion: her age, marital status, health, and maybe even her socioeconomic status. 


Understanding The Types of Abortion

Abortion could be carried out in different ways, and your doctor may recommend various methods depending upon you. You have multiple options at what stage you are in your pregnancy journey.

1.Medical Abortion

Let's Talk about an abortion that involves consuming medications to end your pregnancy. This type of abortion is normally till 11 weeks from your last menstrual period. In India, there may be one of two insurance players who might cover a medical abortion. Medical Abortion is a safe way to allow a woman to pass the pregnancy without surgery completely.

A nurse or a pharmacist can guide you through these medicines after being prescribed by a physician from a health clinic. When you are following medicine for a cure you have to meet your physician once before taking the medications and after you've finished the treatment to verify that the abortion was successful. Medical abortions take around 24 hours to complete. Please don't get confused with emergency contraception as it is a prevention pregnancy, whereas medical abortion is a way to terminate a pregnancy.

2.Surgical Abortion

A surgical abortion is a different technique that's carried out to terminate the pregnancy from a woman's womb. There are two kinds of surgical abortions which comprise 

3.The Suction Abortion 

The method is mainly implied for gentle suction to empty the uterus. Such suction abortions are performed for about 14 to 16 weeks after the last period, and this is considered the most common sort of in-clinic abortion.

4.The Dilation and Evacuation Abortion

The dilation method uses suction and surgical tools to unclog a woman's uterus. When the pregnancy has crossed the 16-week time frame, the doctors recommend such a procedure. The whole abortion procedure takes around 10 o 15 minutes. Surgical abortion has a successful record history 

5.Late-Term Abortion

Late-term abortion is a risky affair as the abortion occurs at or after 21 weeks of pregnancy, and such abortions are uncommon and often lead to further complications. In this procedure, both dilation and evacuation (D&E) are executed if the abortion occurs late in the pregnancy. 


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