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Medpho Team May 1, 2023

Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman, depending on their health and body composition. Some are extremely common and can be found in almost every woman, while others are uncommon. Because they are unfamiliar with the symptoms, women prefer to ignore or dismiss them. However, if you’ve been trying for a child or suspect you may be pregnant, keep reading to learn more about these 11 weird pregnancy symptoms.

11 Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms

These unusual pregnancy symptoms do not include missed periods, breast soreness, or continuous tiredness. These symptoms are uncommon and appear only in some women or for a short time in the early stages of pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Discharge

Vaginal discharge is such a common issue among women that they are sometimes unaware that it is one of the weird pregnancy symptoms. Consider it a possible pregnancy sign. However, most pregnant women experience sticky, white, or pale yellow discharge in the first trimester, and in some cases, throughout the pregnancy.

The rise in hormones and vaginal blood flow causes the discharge. Because the cervix and vaginal walls relax during pregnancy, it aids in the prevention of infections. Consult with your doctor if the discharge starts to:

  • Smell
  • Burn
  • Change color to greenish-yellow
  • Itch
  • Get thick or watery

These can be signs of an infection.

Insomnia or Reduced Sleep

If you're experiencing problems falling asleep or waking up at night, it could signify that you're pregnant. We suggest staying calm and relaxed, exercising, and reducing your caffeine intake to get better sleep.

Nose Bleeds and Nasal Stuffiness

Nose Bleeds and Nasal Stuffiness

Some pregnant women have nasal stuffiness or bleeding early in their pregnancy, which may seem unusual. A lack of body moisture could cause this. You can either use natural therapies or consult your doctor to provide moisture.

Raised Body Temperature

Raised Body Temperature

The morning after ovulation, a woman's body temperature rises, and it stays up till their next period arrives. If your basal body temperature remains constant for more than two weeks, you are pregnant.

Gas and Burping

It's possible that you're pregnant if you're feeling gassy and bloated. Yes, you can do it! Gas is a side effect of pregnancy that affects your digestive system. If you're burping more often than normal, and it's not due to something you've eaten, you should get a pregnancy test kit and check for yourself. To avoid putting your stomach through too much discomfort, avoid eating gas-producing foods.


During pregnancy, your entire digestive system slows significantly. This gives the nutrients just enough time to absorb into your bloodstream and reach your kid in the womb. You may feel bloated and desire to pass gas or stool due to this. You won't obtain such alleviation if you have constipation. Constipation is caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy; high progesterone levels soften the intestinal walls, making it more difficult to pass stool.

Try including more fiber in your diet, drink plenty of water, and exercise on a regular basis. If you feel the urge, get free teleconsultation with our expert doctor. Call 88569-88569.

False Period

Approximately 25% to 40% of pregnant women bleed or experience slight spotting at the start of their pregnancy. Bleeding occurs even when your period isn't a due indicator of pregnancy. The implantation process, in which the embryo attaches itself to the uterine lining, results in bleeding. On the other hand, a false period could indicate an ectopic pregnancy, cervical inflammation, or other pregnancy-related issues. If you experience heavier bleeding, a piercing backache, severe cramping, or other uncommon symptoms, get medical help immediately.

Mood Swings

When you become pregnant, your hormones change significantly. This could make you feel uncomfortable and foggy-headed. You'll be surprisingly emotional and tearful. Your libido fluctuates from hot and cold, then back to hot. This is a usual symptom of early pregnancy, so if you've been feeling weird lately, you now know why.

Itchy Nipples

Your growing cleavage is to blame for this annoying pregnancy symptom. As you've probably seen, your breasts and nipples are getting bigger in preparation for breastfeeding. The fragile skin in this area stretches as your breasts expand, which can cause constant itching.

Metal Taste in the Mouth

Some pregnant women have the sensation that they are chewing on metal. Dysgeusia is a condition caused by an increase in estrogen and progesterone in the body, and it's a condition that causes taste perception to be distorted. You can ease this by drinking cool beverages, chewing sugarless gum, or eating hot foods.

Changes in the Breasts

 It's probably great news if your breasts have started to grow larger and you've also been experiencing breast pain or soreness. The areola, or dark area around the nipples, may also darken for some pregnant women, and this happens because the body prepares for breastfeeding.


These are weird pregnancy symptoms that many women don’t know about because they may seem like a result of stress or something insignificant. Remember, if you experience these symptoms all at once, they’re pointing towards pregnancy. Consult with our expert doctor, call 88569-88569, or take a pregnancy test, and always listen to your body.