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-December 20, 2021

Five Symptoms Of Omicron Variant - Which One Should Not Miss!

When the world had begun accepting that COVID-19 would enter the endemic stage, the virus hit back with a new variant named Omicron( B.1.1.529). The new variant has reignited the hypotheses over the rise of a third COVID-19 wave in India, which can upset our life. According to the initial research, the new variant has many spikes mutations never recorded. WHO ( World Health Organisation) has listed Omicron as a variant of concern. 

Do Not Overlook Any Signs Of Covid-19 

The most hazardous part of a viral infection is its severity. While a virus might be profoundly transmissible, its harmfulness is the thing that defines the mortality rate among individuals.

Regarding COVID-19, the Delta variant has unleashed havoc across the globe. Not exclusively is it highly infectious, but it additionally triggers mild to severe symptoms ranging from persistent cough, high fever to breathlessness, low blood oxygen levels and chest pain. 


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Cases Of Omicron Variant Mild So Far

Considering that the new strain has more than thirty mutations in the spike protein, which is not normal for some other previous strain, specialists believe it can escape vaccine immunity, which is why it's spreading like wildfire.

WHO ( World Health Organization) urges that the newest variant of the SARS-CoV-2 may effectively infect the people who have either gotten the virus before or been completely vaccinated. Nonetheless, the worldwide health agency expresses that the disease will be milder when compared with the Delta variation.

Let's have a glance at five symptoms of COVID's Omicron variant that one should not miss


Like prior variants, COVID's Omicron might prompt extreme exhaustion and fatigue. An individual might feel overtired, experience low energy, and want to rest, disturbing ordinary exercises. Nonetheless, it is significant to note that fatigue might emerge from different reasons and medical issues. Constantly get tested to confirm your condition. 

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2.Scratchy Throat 

People infected with the Omicron complained of a scratchy throat rather than an unusual sore throat. While the two might be similar to an extent, the former may associate more with throat irritation while the latter is more aching.

3.Mild Fever That Goes Out On Its Own

Fever ranges from mild to moderate, and it is one of the indications of COVID-19. But, while fever from past strains had a lingering impact on the patients, the present variant yields mild body temperature that gets better on its own.


4.Night Sweats & Body Ache

Night sweats could be revealing symptoms of the new Omicron variant that may appear at night. Night sweat happens when you sweat so profusely that your apparels and bedding become wet, even if you are lying down in a cool area. Moreover, lots of body ache is another symptom of this virus—South Africa's Department of health provided these updates after researching on patients they were treating.

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5.Dry Cough

 Moreover, the doctor suggested that dry cough may also surface in individuals suffering from Omicron. It was one of the most typical symptoms in previous strains as well. A dry cough is when you force out a hacking sound to clear any irritation in the throat of the airways.

What's the Difference?

Evidence indicates that the new Omicron variant only triggers mild symptoms. Unlike symptoms from the prior variants, the Omicron variant displays no signs of loss of smell or taste. There have been no stuffy, blocked nose cases, and those affected by the new strain have not complained of very high temperatures.

The cold symptoms include a blocked or runny nose, sore throat, muscle aches, headaches, a raised temperature, coughs, loss of taste and smell and pressure in your ears and face. In both conditions, symptoms are similar, so it's essential to get yourself tested if you are experiencing any of the symptoms. Dial 88569-88569 to get a teleconsultation with the doctor while sitting at home. Medpho understands the significance of changing your care model with the requirements of your patients.

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