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-September 29, 2021

3 Reasons You Need to Visit a Gynecologist!

You know what's difficult? Understanding what's regular and what's a potential health harm when it's about women's sexual health and reproductive care. The only correct and possibly the prime way to get non-judgemental opinions over such health issues is to consult the best gynecologist near you.

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Now that you are here check out the top five reasons you need to get on board with annual gynecologist visits!

1.Get off Irregular Menstruation

A discussion on women's health involves her menstrual cycle foremost. And for many, it is often one of those unpleasant times filled with cramps, breast soreness, digestive issues, headaches, etc. While these might just be the typical symptoms accompanying your periods, there are other painful cases where the symptoms are severe and might even worsen over time. Over time, symptoms might turn into complications leading to uterine fibrosis or endometriosis.

Irregular Menstruation

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2.Steer Away Sexual Discomfort

Women's sexual health remains a taboo topic for many. However, it is necessary to lose the embarrassment to overcome the discomfort. Now, sexual discomfort could be due to several reasons. However, the two most common issues faced by women are vaginal dryness and pain during sex. While your friends might have an inflow of solutions to resolve these issues, it is best not to take matters into your own hands and consult the best gynecologist near you instead.


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3.Solve Urinary Leakage

Suffering from urinary incontinence can lead to degraded quality of life, causing stress and other health issues. While urinary leakage is a common women's health problem and is a typical experience post-childbirth, the issue is also prevalent among women entering menopause and is often severe at this stage. 

Why is it essential to consult a gynecologist for incontinence, you might ask. Well, a gynecologist will be able to better determine your road to improvement through accurate diagnosis and quality treatment. Furthermore, consulting the best gynecologist near you will help improve your overall reproductive health.

Urinary Leakage

Got questions in mind? Well, we tried answering a few. Check them out below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1.Who is a Gynaecologist? 

A gynecologist is a doctor specializing in women's reproductive health, including the breasts, ovaries, vagina, and uterus. Since gynecologists also gain training in Obstetrics, they also deal with pregnancy issues and childbirth.

Q2.Is there a difference between gynecologists & obstetricians?

Yes, there is a fine line that distinguishes a gynecologist from an obstetrician. 

A gynaecologist deals with a female's reproductive health, whereas an obstetrician specializes in healthcare for pregnancy, childbirth, and even postpartum care. While a gynecologist is trained and qualified to indulge in pregnancy and childbirth-related health issues, an obstetrician receives no such training for reproductive well-being.

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Q3.Does a Gynaecologist/Obstetrician treat infertility in women?

Yes, gynecologists and obstetricians are both trained in dealing with infertility and other issues related to women's health. Consulting with a qualified gynecologist can help you analyze the root cause of infertility and can, in fact, assist with exploring the available treatment options. 

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Q4.How often should females visit a Gynaecologist/Obstetrician?

Ideally, an annual visit to the gynecologist is advisable. Timely visits ensure women's health exams, including several preventive checks and screenings, which ultimately help identify women's health issues at the initial stage. 

In pregnancy cases, you should visit an obstetrician/ gynecologist near you at least three times.

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