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-February 25, 2022

What Are The Causes Of Hernia, Symptoms And Treatment?

A hernia is a common problem, and however, the treatment of hernia is possible only through surgery. You must have also heard people saying that they have had hernia surgery many times. 

A hernia problem occurs to any person when any muscle, organ, or tissue from the abdomen begins coming out with the aid of a hole. The thing to note is that people often take a long time to know and understand the causes and symptoms of hernia.

While hernia is most common in the abdomen, it can also occur in the upper part of the thigh, the middle of the abdomen, and the groin areas (the area between the abdomen and thigh). The problem of hernia can happen to anyone, male or female. 

What are the symptoms and causes of hernia?

Symptoms Of Hernia

The hernia problem occurs in any person when any part of the body comes out of its place—at the same time, talking about hernia symptoms, including pain while lifting weight, heaviness in the stomach, dizziness and constipation etc. The thing to note is that sometimes hernia symptoms may or may not be felt.

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Causes Of Hernia

Usually, the problem of hernia occurs in people who have ever lifted excess weight, have been exposed to severe injury or have undergone any operation. Apart from this, this problem can also happen to people who have constipation or cough problems for a long time. Pregnant women are also prone to a hernia problem. Apart from this, you can also know in detail about the causes of hernia through the points given below-

  • Hernia can also happen during pregnancy, due to pressure on your abdomen,
  • When constipated 
  • lifting heavyweights 
  • Sudden weight gain 
  • Due to an organ surgery 
  • Due to persistent cough or sneezing problem 
  • Enlarged prostate 
  • straining to urinate 
  • lifting heavy objects 
  • peritoneal dialysis 
  • poor nutrition 
  • smoking 
  • Physical exhaustion

Treatment Of Hernia

A hernia is usually treated or treated through surgery. At the same time, if a person has a hernia, his surgery is done in two ways - first, open surgery and second laparoscopic surgery. Let us tell you that in open surgery, the patient suffering from a hernia is asked to rest for six months. 

A person cannot do any physical activity for six months. Whereas in laparoscopic surgery, local surgery is done under general anaesthesia. Note that a small incision is made in this. Usually, doctors recommend local surgery to heart patients.

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Home Remedies for Hernia

If we talk about how one can get control of the problem of hernia through home remedies, then they include massage, yoga, cinnamon, hot water intake and apple cider vinegar.

Home remedies for hernia

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.What are the things to keep in mind when there is a hernia?

To avoid the problem of hernia, always keep the following things in mind-

  • Keep the weight under control.
  • Avoid consuming foods high in fat.
  • Include maximum fibre and protein in the diet.
  • Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol.
  • Do not lift heavy things.

2.What age people are more prone to hernia?

A hernia is a problem that can happen to anyone and at any age, as it has nothing to do with age. However, the risk varies with age.

3.What is the treatment for hernia?

A hernia is a disease for which the only cure is surgery. At the same time, contact the doctor immediately whenever you see any hernia symptoms in yourself. Because only the doctor will tell you exactly how soon the operation needs to be done.

4.In which parts of the body can a hernia occur?

The hernia issue can be in the stomach and occur near the thighs. Moreover, if there has been an operation somewhere in the body, there can be a hernia.

5.What are the types of hernia? (Types of Hernia)

There are mainly four types of hernia-

1.Umbilical Hernia, 2. Inguinal Hernia, 3. Hiatal Hernia, 4. Inguinal Hernia.

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